Our kids need some help!

They have an abundance of passion, enthusiasm, dedication and inspiration. Now they need the structure, support, guidance and love.

Check out the departments of 'The Children's Charity', if you think you have some superstar skills in those areas, drop us a line!

If you think there's something we're missing, and you have an Einstein of an idea to bring to their table - tell us about that too!

Being a mentor usually entails the dedication to a young person for two hours per month, unless you want to do more!

We're all ears!


The Departments

​Chief Executive.

This young person has vision, passion, determination and the ability to inspire their team. Bringing the group together with unity and care. With collaboration, they plan the overall strategy of the charity and manage their teams accordingly.

Deputy Chief Executive

A supporting right hand person to the chief executive. An inspiring leader who is willing to learn, develop and understand. Constantly researching new ideas and possibilities. Helping with the day to day operation of the charity.

Policies, Safeguarding and Human Resources

These young people like strategy, people and the love rules. They have a passion for education and always want to learn more. They produce policies that keep the charity on track, safe and focused. They will research and put policies in place to safeguard the children of the Children's charity. They will also provide a supportive ear for all of the team!

Project Managers

All young persons develop the projects of the children's charity together. This dedicated team will research the possibilities of the projects, guide the teams towards potential project options, define the logistics and put a plan in place for how the projects will come to life.

Fundraisers & Bid Writers

These young persons are passionate, resilient, driven and productive. They will identify fundraising opportunities, help write proposals to gain funding for the projects of 'the children's charity', contact local businesses for support and be a presence in the local community.

Marketing & Branding

Creative, thinking outside of the box, passionate and talented. They are the core skills of our marketing and branding department. They will design marketing materials and write the content for them. They will learn how to update the website and handle social media marketing.


These young people love maths, understand how important money is and keep accurate records of the charity spending. The will set budgets and help the departments keep on track.

Charity Secretary, legalities and administration support.

These people keep accurate records for the charity, helping support all members of the team appropriately. They are highly attentive to details and a pillar of support for their peers.

Want to be a mentor? SIGN UP!

Our kids have a world of confidence, so you have to as well! Tell us what you're epic at, how you can help and why you want to join our TRIBE of revolutionary times!

Thank you for your enthusiasm. We will be in touch!

The Children's Charity